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I'm Paige Farrell, a fee-only CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ in Sacramento, California. I founded Endeavor Financial Planning to provide comprehensive and objective financial planning to help clients organize, grow, and protect their assets through life's transitions. As a fee-only, fiduciary, and independent financial advisor, I'm never paid a commission of any kind and have a legal obligation to provide advice that is in the best interest of my clients at all times. 

Endeavor Financial Planning is comprehensive because I incorporate an analysis of all areas of your financial life, not just your investments: retirement, taxes, estate planning, insurance, cash flow, and college funding, to name a few.

More importantly, I realize that money and psychology go hand-in-hand. Making a plan and implementing it successfully are two different things. My approach is "hands-on" from the moment we start to work together to help you be focused, automate to remove obstacles, create a disciplined strategy, and constantly reassess so that your portfolio remains optimized.

Think of me as your nerdy bean-counting partner who is analytical but caring. I help you make smart decisions about your money, avoid bad advice from unscrupulous advisors, and invest wisely to become financially independent. We'll talk about where you are, where you want to be, and then I'll help you close those gaps. 

LET'S TALK. The call is free.

Together we'll endeavor...

to build a long-term and impactful relationship with each other through regular and supportive communication. We'll be on your financial road together. I am passionate about listening to you and your goals and delivering the highest caliber of evidence-based, forward-looking investment management and financial planning at a competitive cost. You'll have a personal partnership, not a corporate machine.

I will...

  • listen very carefully.
  • be transparent at all times to earn your trust and confidence.
  • strive to always provide outstanding service by being attentive to your requests.
  • proactively hold you accountable to your goals in a supportive way.
  • remain only a telephone call away if you have a question or the market is unsettling you.

How Endeavor is different...

  • We'll celebrate your big and small wins together. Your success is my success.
  • I'll help you automate the parts of your financial life that streamline behavior because it removes the decision-making and discipline that get in your way.
  • I am passionate about helping women. Why? Because nearly 80% of women in relationships handle their household's finances. But only 27% say that they are their family's lead on financial and retirement planning. Studies indicate that women want their financial advisor to: simplify the process, stop using so much financial jargon, and adhere to a strong code of ethics. I am committed to making a difference in your life by empowering you with the financial information you need.
  • As both a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) and fee-only firm (rare in the financial industry), I am deeply committed to the FIDUCIARY OATH that I believe all investment advisors should pledge to their clients. 

What does "fee-only" mean?

And more importantly, why should you care? I am only paid by you for tailored advice and investment management. The fee is my only revenue. My only incentive is to help you understand and take charge of your finances; therefore, the fee-only approach keeps our relationship and your portfolio fees transparent and straight-forward. It's that simple.

That's the professional Me.  Now for the lighter side...

  • When not working: I love to travel. When first married, my husband and I traveled the world for 13 months. Ask me where we're going next!
  • Something my friends don't even know about me: I admit it. I was a synchronized swimmer. Let the jokes begin...  
  • Favorite financial book: Your Money and Your Brain by Jason Zweig.

LET'S TALK. The call is free.