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Paige Farrell

Meet Paige Farrell, CFP®

I am not your typical financial advisor. In fact, I founded Endeavor because I believe that everyone needs access to a financial planner who is transparent and truly has your best interests at heart while being grounded in academic principles of investing.

By being fee-only, I remove as many of the conflicts of interest that I can (and when I can't, you'll know what they are because I'll tell you). Therefore, I do not sell any products or accept any commissions or referral fees. Learn the differences of how financial advisors are compensated.

I chose the name "Endeavor" because that's my goal: to build a long-term and impactful relationship with each client. Through regular and supportive communications, I'm on your financial road as a true partner.

Many firms require you to have at least $1 million of investment assets before they'll work with you. Endeavor Financial Planning helps you organize, grow, and protect your assets through life's transitions whether you're financially independent with a substantial nest egg or a mid-career professional building prosperity. Ready to get your portfolio in line with your financial goals? Read The Four Most Important Decisions for Any Investor.

The bottom line? I have only one person to answer to – you.

LET'S TALK. The call is free.

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