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What History Tells Us About Elections and the Market

Investors often wonder whether the market will rise or fall based on who is elected president. The data show that capturing the long-term returns of the capital markets does not depend on which party controls the White House. A reminder worth hearing every four years.

How Much Income Do You Need in Retirement?

Determining your required level of retirement income should be a custom decision based on your desired future lifestyle and level of income prior to retirement.

Can You Predict a Good Time to Buy and Sell Stocks?

  1. Let’s look at 780 tests on data from 15 stock markets to test this theory.
  2. Most people who try to time the market are just fooling themselves, says Prof. Ken French, explaining what it really takes to beat the market and why doing so is harder than many investors think.

Building Confidence as an Investor

  1. Deciding how to split your portfolio between stocks and bonds is a key principle of successful investing experience.
  2. A “Top Down Approach” that shows investors how they might tailor their portfolios based on ways they differ from the typical investor, including their personal risk aversion, country of residence, employment income, and individual tax situation